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welfelt fabrication
steel     aluminum     stainless     copper     bronze     brass     zinc
- over 45 years experience & knowledge in all facets of metal fabrication - 
stainless steel counterweights
fire pan - only 7 lbs
Built of aluminum & titanium, this fire pan weighs just 7 lbs. Add the detachable legs (store inside the pan when not in use), and 
the custom fitting lid - still only 10 lbs! 
Meets all the standard regulations for permitted rivers. Includes fire pan, 
4 detachable legs & non-rusting wing nuts, 
lid, grill, carry bag, 2.5 oz titanium ash scoop.   $300
Weight - 2 lbs. Perfectly balanced for use 
on most all oars. 3" long.    $100/pair
will not rust - EVER!
save the space & weight on your raft for your other gear!