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Mini-Me       $2,750.

Mini-Max     $3,400.*  includes 2 additional thwart knuckles plus
                                 2 added D rings (needed for frame attachment)
Max 12.0     $4,095.

Battle Cat   $3,275.

Frame for Mini-Me or Mini-Max        $700.

Front seat for Mini-Me or Mini-Max  $300.

Front seat-to-table conversion for Mini-Me or Mini-Max  $550.

Frame for Max 12.0              $800.

Front seat for Max 12.0        $400.

Front seat-to-table conversion for Max 12.0      $650.

Frame for Paddle Cat          $800.

Atomic oar locks                 $115/pair
welfelt fabrication
Hyside Rafts - Welfelt Custom Frames
Max 12.0
June 2024 update
In stock (for the moment!) - 
Mini-Me - blue, grey
Mini-Max - with the added D rings and thwart knuckles needed for our frame added at the factory  - yellow, green, grey, blue, red
Max 12.0 - blue and grey
NEW Battle Cat - blue
Give us a call to see what is still available