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front seat
front seat-to-table conversion
The 14 lb. frame consists of 5 total pieces - a perfect setup to backpack into remote rivers; a snap to put together and take apart. Constructed of high strength, lightweight aluminum, with fittings of rust proof stainless steel, a bench seat of honeycomb fiberglass (the same material used in airplane floors) with a custom made cover of high grade outdoor fabric. The original Welfelt frame fits both the Hyside Mini-Me & Mini-Max raft. Oarlocks sold separately
The separate front seat is waiting for your passenger or, packing gear for overnighters.  Easily attaches with 2 one ft. and 2 two (or three ft. for mini-max) straps. $250 - Mini-Me & Mini-Max  $350 - Max 12.0

Add this to your Minimal list! A front seat that turns into a table...
screw in the 4 legs and set up at camp...it is that easy!    
         $450 - Mini-Me & Mini-Max    $550 -  Max 12.0

PACK IT IN! The Welfelt custom frame is a revolutionary design in today's raft world -  taking minimal cargo space (fit the entire frame set up in the back of a sedan!), easy to backpack to just about any put-in, lightweight (14 lbs.!), extremely strong, durable, totally dependable in all kinds of rivers.
NEW!  Welfelt custom frame for
 the Max 12.0 raft & the Paddle Cat! 
5 pieces - the oar towers attach via middle thwart knuckle; the side poles slip into the underside of the bench seat and through holes in the oar tower. Side poles are adjustable to slide bench seat forward or back, depending on your height. Oar towers are further attached with 1' straps to outside middle D rings and straps to each outside front & back D rings; the bench seat uses straps to the outside back D rings.